Free-floating elegance

Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate redesigned

Sleek and elegant
Harmonious proportions, high-quality product materials and first-class workmanship down to the finest detail make the new Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate a little gem which caters for the highest design expectations.

Commitment to glass
Industrial designer Christoph Behling has ably reworked and updated the elegant Geberit Sigma50 actuator plate. Although the external proportions and the size of the actuator buttons remain unchanged, glass has become the centre of attention in the new actuator plate, which thus visually appears to be lighter. An outside border has intentionally been omitted, allowing the glass plate to seem to float in front of the wall.

The perfect processing of the product materials is evident in the details. The sharp edges of the high-quality safety glass, for instance, are now carefully chamfered. The two actuator buttons on the dual-flush mechanism have a slightly curved contour, lending the actuator plate additional flair. The surface of the die-cast zinc actuator buttons and their sleek, high-gloss polished edges bear witness to first-class workmanship.

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