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Swiss Geberit Monolith EM Series

When it comes to renovation, lack of ideas is seldom the problem. On the other hand, existing plumbing often gets in the way of turning the ideas into reality. The Geberit Monolith provides a way to replace an existing WC with a fascinating piece of design. The flexible sanitary module, with an integral cistern, can be installed without making structural alteraions, and it becomes a compact sculpture between the wall and the WC pan.

Simple Design • Leading Fashion

Original design from Switzerland with its unique simple geometric style received an IF 2010 product design award. GEBERIT Monolith toilet series offer six different colours, four types of patterns, made a brilliant aurora for today’s bathroom design.

Simple and Convenient • Enjoy Life

Monolith toilet provides simple and convenient installation, no extra bathroom renovation, no visible hose or inlet valve, no dead corner with wall joint, is a masterpiece of space saving.

The Unique Structure • The Status Quo

Monolith toilet is suitable for arbitrary discharge structure of toilet. An integral part through modular design has completely prefabricated the products in the factory. Site installation only need a simple adjustment and modification; can fit the difference in size between the majorities of architectural structure.

Top Quality • Safety Guarantee

3C certification mark of 5mm thick temper glass panel ensures the use of safe and reliable. The strong metal frame is durable and corrosion resistance. Only 3.5mm R-angle of glass corner approaches beautiful surface and avoids the potential safety hazard.

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