Contemporary art for the bathroom

Geberit Monolith for washbasins

Geberit Monolith washbasin product is an unexpected and creative work. Original design concept from Switzerland, with perfectly minimalist design, received If 2013 Germany product design award and 2012 RedDot design award. Colourful and safe front glass with variety design of washbasins and faucets provide totally new bathroom experiences, and add a wonderful art in your bathroom space.

Variety Styles • Infinite Combinations

Geberit Monolith washbasin series have four different styles of faucet and washbasin that include High Tech, Purity, New Femininity, and Chinese Heritage, and three different colours of temper glass, to create infinite combination.

Supreme Convenience • Taste of Space

Quick and easy installation, convenient repair and maintenance, to provide convenient service that close to customers. Invisible water supply and drainage pipe, no dead corner with wall joint, to create a small space bathroom atmosphere. The unique geometric shape only occupied small area and offers a lot space for daily ergonomic use.

Swiss Quality • Safe reliability

3C certification mark of 5mm thick temper glass panel and table ensure the use of safe and reliable. The corrosion and durability of the metal frame can load 150 KG, provide vertical support of stable and reliable for Monolith washbasin product. Only 3.5mm R-angle of glass corner achieves the ideal delicate and perfect.

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