Clean disposal

Geberit waste and drainage systems, waste fittings and traps

Drainage with a system
Geberit know-how covers the entire path that the water travels as it moves through a building. From the connection to the water supply through the distribution to all of the floors and consumers, all the way to the drainage of buildings and roofs into the public sewage system, systems are available which are perfectly tailored to one another.

Setting tomorrow's standards today
With the Geberit waste and drainage systems and Geberit waste fittings and traps, sanitary engineers and plumbers are offering their customers a solution that represents the highest state of technology with respect to hydraulics, fire protection and sound insulation, reliability, ease of installation and environmental properties. As a result of the continuous improvements implemented at its own development laboratories, the company is already setting tomorrow's standards today.

Using our customers' know-how
Practical suitability and simple and safe handling at the building site are decisive for the success of products and systems. It is for that reason that Geberit takes into account the feedback and suggestions from plumbers and sanitary engineers from across the world when carrying out new and further developments. That means that the know-how of our customers is also to be found in every Geberit product.

The same floor drainage

There are fundamentally two possibilities for installation of a same floor drainage. One requires the building of a prewall. All branch pipes to be connected with the stack are inside the prewall until they reach the main shaft. The advantage here is that there is no need to change anything about the existing floor structure. Furthermore if the prewall is designed as an integral part of the bathroom, there is no space loss, rather there can be space gains, as the prewall can be used for shelf space. As in the Geberit system the water tank of the toilet is moved into the prewall, significant space is gained. This installation can be applied to any residential building, as no change in slab construction is required and existing slab penetrations can be blocked.

Roof drainage systems

With the Geberit Pluvia roof outlet, Geberit has revolutionised water drainage from large roof areas. The negative pressure technology of the roof drainage system achieves a discharge rate practically twice as great as conventional waste and drainage systems and simplifies the planning of the entire system. This means that large buildings are well-equipped for increasingly frequent heavy rainfalls.

Floor drainage systems

This subject is increasingly important as floor-even showers are becoming ever more popular in the modern bathroom. Because of the fact that, in addition to the installation, other trades such as screed layers and tilers also have an important role to play, well-thought-out, tested and reliable solutions are in demand.
In order to master these challenges, the Geberit solutions for the floor bring together the many years of Geberit know-how in the areas of installation technology, drainage technology and waste fittings and traps to provide the various trades with well-thought-out products.

Waste fittings and traps

The waste fittings and traps close the gap between sanitary equipment and outlets in sanitary facilities to the drainage system. Geberit waste fittings and traps offer the assurance that everything fits together and that the customer will be able to rely on the long-term safe functioning of his system.