Makeover for the Geberit welding machines

Reduction in cost and weight

Well-thought-out, reliable machines for pros
Geberit has revised and improved its proven UNIVERSAL and MEDIA welding machines for Geberit PE-HD and Geberit Silent-db20 discharge pipes. A new tension device set makes adjusting to various pipe dimensions easier.

Time savings on the building site and in the workshop
As a rule, Geberit PE fittings and discharge pipes and the sound-reducing version Geberit Silent-db20 are joined together with a butt weld. A significant advantage of this connection technology is that entire sections of pipe can be prefabricated in the workshop, saving a great deal of time at the building site and enabling economical series production if necessary.

For decades now, Geberit has offered nearly indestructible welding machines so that plumbers can work quickly both in their workshop and at the building site. They are equipped with a planer as well as a welding plate. Their robust tension devices allow the pipes and fittings, that are to be welded, to be securely fastened.

Lighter machines, tools swap out quickly
Geberit has now completely redesigned these machines without giving up their legendary robustness. Particular attention was paid to operation and changing the machines from one pipe dimension to another.

Geberit has developed a new set of tension devices for pipe dimensions of 50 to 110 mm. The set consists of two plates with an inside diameter of 110 mm and a set of light metal inserts, which can be attached with little effort, allowing the inside diameter of the tension devices to be altered to 90 mm, 75 mm, 63 mm, 56 mm or 50 mm in no time at all. The new set of tension devices replaces six pairs of plates used previously, resulting in cost savings as well as a reduction in weight of more than 20 kg.