Reliably draining off water on the floor

Geberit floor drainage systems

Safe floor drainage
This subject is increasingly important as floor-even showers are becoming ever more popular in the modern bathroom. Because of the fact that, in addition to the installation, other trades such as screed layers and tilers also have an important role to play, well-thought-out, tested and reliable solutions are in demand.

In order to master these challenges, the Geberit solutions for the floor bring together the many years of Geberit know-how in the areas of installation technology, drainage technology and waste fittings and traps to provide the various trades with well-thought-out products.

Simple, flat floor construction
The Geberit floor drainage traps are optimised with respect to blockage and readily accessible for cleaning. The products range from elegant drainage gutters for modern showers to drains for washrooms or public sanitary facilities. The Geberit covers for shower channels and floor drains are available in different design variants for all requirements.

System-integrated solution with wall drain
The Geberit shower element with wall drain offers a solution that integrates itself perfectly in the Geberit installation systems. The entire water supply and disposal lies in the prewall installation, the need for coordination between the different trades becomes considerably less.

Geberit shower channels offer timeless elegant, high-quality solutions for floor-even showers. They convince wherever sophisticated bathroom design with water drainage in the floor is demanded.

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Geberit floor drains have proven themselves as a solution for the installation of the water outlet in floor-even showers and in the floors of sanitary facilities of all types. They offer outstanding economic efficiency and attractive design variants.

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