Suction off rain instead of letting it run off

Geberit Pluvia

Double the amount of rainwater discharge at half the pipe diameter
Geberit has been setting standards for roof drainage for decades with the Geberit Pluvia negative pressure system. The special construction of the Geberit Pluvia roof outlet ensures that the feed pipes and discharge stacks will fill rapidly and without air pockets when it rains. A closed water column forms in the pipes which generates negative pressure in the piping system and causes the water to be suctioned off as a result. The discharge velocity and capacity increases considerably in comparison with conventional outlets, despite the smaller pipe dimensions. The high flow velocity of the water improves the self-cleaning forces and minimises the danger of blockages in the pipes.

More freedom of design, more economic efficiency
Geberit Pluvia gives architects more design freedom, as plumbers and sanitary engineers require a smaller number of roof outlets, discharge stacks and underground pipes. Because of the negative pressure, no slopes need to be planned for the feed pipes leading to the discharge stack, which means that the installation is simpler and requires less space. The material costs and outlays for ground work are also reduced.

The Geberit ProPlanner software with the Pluvia module is appropriate for the planning. Geberit also offers the calculation of Geberit Pluvia roof drainage systems as a service.