Economical drainage of high-rise buildings

Geberit Sovent

Flow-optimised for high buildings
The flow-optimised Geberit Sovent fittings facilitate an inexpensive layout of discharge stacks in high buildings. They enhance the pipe capacity several times over and dispense with the need to install a parallel ventilation pipe.

Tricky task for hydraulics experts
Rapidly changing pressure situations in conventional discharge stacks above a certain length can lead to unwanted side effects. Rapidly changing pressure situations could, for example, cause the floor pipes connected to the stack to be suctioned empty by high negative pressure or be blown empty by overpressure. This is why the drainage systems of many high-rise buildings include very generously dimensioned discharge stacks and a parallel ventilation pipe that is connected with the discharge stack at regular intervals.

Economical alternative to conventional drainage pipes
With the Geberit Sovent fitting, Geberit offers an inexpensive and fully technically developed alternative to the conventional design of drainage systems in high buildings. Sovent prevents hydraulic closures in the discharge stack caused by floor connections, thus enhancing the flow capacity of the discharge stack. At the same time, Sovent ensures a supply of air between branch discharge pipe and discharge stack, thus making it possible to dispense with parallel ventilation pipes. In addition, a partition prevents foam or splash water from getting into the branch discharge pipe.

System-compatible and solid
Geberit Sovent is available for discharge stacks with a diameter of 110 or 160 mm. The fitting is manufactured from the resistant plastic PE-HD and can be combined with Geberit PE or Geberit Silent-db20 discharge pipes.

Conventional connection of the floor pipes to the discharge stack Geberit Sovent
When water in the discharge stack meets water from the floor pipe, negative pressure or overpressure can arise and lead to unwanted side effects resulting from the pipe being either suctioned empty or blown empty. The hydraulically optimised fitting for the floor connection enables the use of discharge stacks of smaller dimensions and the possibility of dispensing with a parallel ventilation pipe, thus saving costs and space.