Complete package for WCs

Geberit WC systems

Geberit WC systems: When everything has to match perfectly
Geberit WC systems offer everything plumbers need for a safe and economical sanitary installation. From exposed and concealed cisterns to clever flush control solutions and water-saving conversion sets through to award-winning sanitary modules – all the flush technologies offer the perfection Geberit is known for, down to the finest detail. Today, Geberit AquaClean, the WC that cleans your bottom with water, is already setting the new standard for hygiene and body care in the bathroom.

Complete solutions where everything works together in perfect harmony
In combination with Geberit actuator plates, which are available in many attractive designs and finishes, complete solutions for WCs are created in which the design, function and economic efficiency match perfectly.

Geberit concealed cisterns have proven their reliability for more than 40 years and have been installed a million times over around the world. They set the standard when it comes to saving drinking water. Geberit exposed cisterns supplement the WC systems. With its water-saving conversion sets, Geberit ensures that even older models can be operated in a resource-saving manner appropriate to modern times.

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Geberit actuator plates provide the perfect finishing touch for bathroom installations and are available in many attractive designs that match urinal flush controls and covers.

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Geberit AquaClean, the WC that cleans its user with water, delivers a new dimension of freshness to bathrooms and sanitary facilities.

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All Geberit filling and flush valve, with advanced water-saving technology, is affirmed by end-users and used widely in China and also worldwide market. Due to the high-quality raw materials, perfect structure design, excellent water-saving performance and widely system adaptability, Geberit is the first choice supplier of the most professional sanitary ware manufacturers.

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