Simply floating

Only a few millimetres separate the Geberit actuator plate Sigma70 from the wall. But that's enough to convey an incomparable sense of lightness.

So how is it done?

The Geberit actuator plate Sigma70 can be made of a single piece of glass or stainless steel, depending on what the customer chooses. You won't find any buttons or knobs here. Thanks to servo technology, a particularly gentle touch is all it takes to trigger the dual flush mechanism.

Colour and material variation

With its minimalist yet striking design, the Geberit actuator plate Sigma70 makes a difference in every bathroom, whether it comes in the black, umber and white glass variants or in the stainless steel brushed design.

  • Geberit Sigma70 white glass
  • Geberit Sigma70 stainless steel