Small change, great effect

Geberit filling valves and flush valve systems

Geberit tank fittings
All Geberit filling and flush valve, with advanced water-saving technology, is affirmed by end-users and used widely in China and also worldwide market. Due to the high-quality raw materials, perfect structure design, excellent water-saving performance and widely system adaptability, Geberit is the first choice supplier of the most professional sanitary ware manufacturers.

Silent & safety – filling valve
The conversion to the new, water-saving technology can be finished in no time. Because of the water savings compared to an old single flush system, the customer's investment usually pays off after only one year. The replacement work can be carried out without producing dirt or noise for the customer.

Strong & powerful – flush valve
Millions of times experiences prove the excellent function and reliability. Various flush valves are available for tanks with deferent size and kinds of buttons are optional. Geberit flush valve obtains widely affirmation from globe market due to the reliable flush technology and peerless product quality. And till now, thousands of valves are performed well in the world.

Main parts use imported PBT material, which will effectively improve the lifetime of the products due to the better resistance to pressure, corrosion, aging and many other outstanding performances compared with POM.

Geberit filling valve use the unique silicone membrane with Geberit logo which is imported from Europe, each membrane has a wide range of working pressure 0.1-10 bar and can afford 21 bars for flash test. The strong reliability and sensitivity makes it available for various pressure environments in the world.

Geberit flush valve uses the imported silicone sealing membrane with Geberit logo. All the latent trouble of leakage in future can be avoid completely by the more elastic and flexible material.

The unique hydraulic diaphragm principle makes the water rotate in the membrane and parallel flow which realize self cleaning function. And this design can remove the impurities in the water effectively. It can be widely used in various water situations such as sea water, recycled water, well water, etc.

Gap 1.5mm filter can avoid the valve blocked by the impurities and keep the internal water flow easily and smoothly at every moment and which also can avoid the trouble of cleaning and maintenance.

The membrane of filling valve is easy to teardown and maintain in the cistern. It can avoid replacing the whole valve and save the cost.

The silicone membrane imported from Europe has the double layer structure to prevent siphon. The smart design can ensure that the dirty water will not return to the water pipe.

Strictly quality control system ensures that Geberit valve can afford over 200,000 times flush testing, which is equivalent to ordinary families use about sixty years.

Reach level I of the European noise standard, less than 20 db, which will bring you incredible quiet and comfortable.

Selected high quality, healthy and eco-friendly materials and forbidding to use recycle material can make Geberit valves meet safety and health requirements to the drinking water standard and which is the guarantee of health and high-quality life.