When water turns aggressive

Geberit MapressCuNiFe

Salt water can corrode metals. Copper-nickel alloys have proven themselves over many years in pipelines carrying salt water and in ship-fitting areas. The tried-and-tested pressing system standard from Geberit has been available in this alloy since 2002. With the full Geberit MapressCuNiFe range, welding is unnecessary and corrosion on piping systems is effectively prevented.

The Geberit MapressCuNiFe fittings are available in the dimensions 15 to 108 mm. Fittings and pipes of this special alloy are recognisable by their bronze-coloured shimmer. The black seal ring has been approved for contact with salt water; in special cases – such as in combination with media containing oil – the black seal ring is replaced by a blue FKM seal ring.

As with all Geberit Mapress systems, a pressing indicator shows whether the fitting was correctly pressed. Its black colour indicates the material CuNiFe, and the dimension is also easily visible.

Geberit Mapress system pipes made of CuNiFe have excellent corrosion resistance, especially towards salt water. This high corrosion resistance is due to a natural, thin protective layer that quickly forms upon contact with clean salt water.
This complex protective layer is mainly made up of copper oxide and is improved by additional nickel and iron. The initial layer forms quickly within the first few days but needs up to three months to form fully. The initial contact is decisive for the long-term behaviour of copper-nickel, i.e. the pipes must be continually exposed to a flow of clean salt water. If a good surface layer has formed, the corrosion speed decreases with time.

Geberit MapressCuNiFe applications
Fire extinguishing systems (shipping sector)
Plant engineering for ships
Shipyard systems
Salt water desalination plants
Petrochemical industry/wind parks/oil rigs
Closed and open circuits up to 1.6 MPa (16 bar)
Distribution of extra light heating oil (with FKM blue seal ring)