Protection for our most valuable resource

Geberit drinking water systems

Safe and clean drinking water installations
Drinking water is our most valuable resource. Public suppliers are responsible for ensuring that it arrives at our homes in good quality. The drinking water installation in the house must ensure that it runs from the tap in the same quality and free from any microbial contamination or other contaminants. One of Geberit's most important tasks is the development of products and overall systems that satisfy these requirements without exception and ensure that plumbers benefit from trouble-free and standard-compliant installation.

Clever detail solutions for hygiene and more
With clever solutions such as caps on drinking water pipes, fittings and system valves Geberit ensures that no dirt particles can enter the sanitary products from after completion in production to installation on the building site. Pressing indicators and leaky if unpressed fittings ensure an almost unique installation safety.

Know-how for reliably high water quality
In addition to innovative products and optimum planning, training and further training are essential elements at Geberit. For many years, Geberit has earned an outstanding reputation in the sector with its calculation programs for safe planning of drinking water installations as well as training courses and information to keep sanitary engineers and plumbers up to date with the latest technical developments, standards and regulations.