Classic design without soldering and welding

Geberit Mapress Copper

Versatile applications
Due to its high level of strength and hygiene, copper is still widely used today for heating and cooling water systems, gas and compressed air pipes and also for drinking water installations. Geberit Mapress Copper supplies the contemporary pressing connection technology that makes processing faster and more reliable.

Safe processing without an open flame
Geberit Mapress prevents fire hazards at the building site, as work does not require an open flame as used during soldering or welding. Pressing indicators and defined leak paths provide additional safety that incorrectly closed connections are always detected during inspection and when the system is subjected to a pressure test.

Clean and reliable on the building site
Geberit Mapress Copper fittings are made of high-quality copper pipes with the alloy CU-DHP. For hygiene reasons they are protected with plugs until they are processed. Geberit Mapress Copper is approved for temperatures of up to 120 °C (180 °C for solar applications) and pressures of up to 1.6 MPa (16 bar).

The Geberit Mapress Copper fitting range covers all conventional dimensions from 12 to 108 mm. A number of adapters ensure the very best connections between Mapress Copper and other Geberit supply systems. The Geberit Mapress adapter for Geberit MeplaFix connects the Geberit cisterns and Geberit elements for washbasin. It can be screwed together without tools.

Geberit Mapress Copper applications
Drinking water distribution
Open and closed water circuits
Heating systems and cooling systems
Inert gas distribution such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide
Solar systems with a blue-coated O-ring of fluorocaoutchouc (FKM) from -25 °C to 180 °C
Pipes used for distributing extra-light heating oil and engine and transmission oil with a blue-coated O-ring made of fluorocaoutchouc (FKM)
Special range for gas installations with natural gases (NG) and liquefied gases (LPG) when used with the yellow HNBR seal ring

10 good reasons for Geberit Mapress Copper


Simple connection

Permanent pressing for maximum safety

On the deburred pipe, mark the insertion depth and insert into the fitting, place the pressing jaw with the groove on the preset contour, carry out the permanent pressing operation: Faulty pressing is therefore as good as impossible.


Faster connection

Pressing instead of welding

The pressing operation is not only straightforward, but also fast – in fact, it's around twice as fast as welding. The connection requires virtually no preparatory work and the pressing sequence itself is fast and simple. Cut to length, debur, attach fitting, press – done.


No open flames

No risk of fire

The strength and tightness of the press connection is achieved by cold deformation of the pipe and fitting. In contrast to welding and soldering operations, no open flame or heat is required. Additional protection measures are unnecessary for renovation and repair work.


Immediate recognition of unpressed connections

Fast visual check

The pressing indicator on all Geberit Mapress fittings is easily removed when the connection is correctly pressed and already shows unpressed connections before the pressure test. The colour of the pressing indicator enables clear identification of the material.


Protection plug

Protection against dust and dirt

All pressing sockets of Geberit metal fittings are equipped with a protection plug. It protects the supply network from dust and dirt and increases safety through perfect installation. The colour of the protection plug also identifies the application.


Mechanical strength for high loads

Wide range of applications

The coordinated components lend the Geberit Mapress system a very high level of strength. Operating pressures of 2.5 MPa (25 bar) and more can be achieved. Due to the high level of mechanical strength, a wide range of applications is possible which extends far beyond the usual domestic heating installations.


Spheroidisation of the seal ring

For permanent fixture and a high level of safety

During the pressing sequence, the seal ring is given a pre-defined shape by the pressing jaw of the Geberit Mapress pressing tools. During this process the ring absorbs additional energy for permanent and reliable tightness. Result: The Geberit Mapress pressing system has been working for 40 years.


Seal ring

Detecting unpressed fittings during a pressure test

The seal ring provides the pressing indicator with additional safety. Due to its special contours, unpressed connections leak during the pressure test. This prevents any subsequent damage during operation.


Homogeneous material structure

Thermally perfect weld seam execution

The clean weld seam is particularly important for permanent tightness of the system on the contact area of the seal ring. Weld seams have to satisfy the high Geberit quality requirements. A special thermal treatment ensures a homogeneous material structure.


Fitting geometry

Compact design

The compact geometry of the fittings requires less space and therefore tighter fitting combinations are possible. Furthermore, Geberit offers numerous fittings that are coordinated with a wide range of applications.