Systematic, safe shut-off

Geberit system valves

Reliably pressed
Geberit shut-off valves for drinking water installations can be installed very quickly and economically – without hemp or screw connections. They are simply pressed and therefore save time, material and costs. As all Geberit press connections they are in an unpressed condition and therefore facilitate inspection work during the system pressure test. The risk of stress corrosion cracking caused by excess hemp is banished.

No stagnation in the valve
The Geberit system valves protect drinking water hygiene using intelligent ball valve design. A special drilled hole at the base of the ball in the valve ensures that when the ball valve is open the ball surroundings are continuously rinsed with water. Dead space where stagnation can occur as in conventional valves and therefore the risk of microbial contamination is prevented. The risk of drinking water contamination resulting from hygiene problems in the valves is therefore reliably banished.