Clean water in motion

Geberit sanitary flush and Geberit hygiene filter

Hygienic drinking water system from the outset
Long downtimes and ingress of dirt into the drinking water system are among the greatest dangers that can affect the quality of the water in domestic installations. The Geberit hygiene filter ensures that the initial filling of the system is performed in compliance with the necessary hygiene requirements. The Geberit sanitary flush prevents the piping system being out of operation for prolonged periods of time and ensures that stagnation cannot result in the growth of dangerous bacteria. The pipe-in-pipe hot water circulation system hygienically ensures low energy costs and therefore higher economic efficiency.

The respective standards and regulations stipulate that a drinking water installation must be filled with perfectly hygienic water. The Geberit hygiene filter reliably retains dirt particles and bacteria. The supplied plug connections are connected in a flash. The filter has a service life of around 6 months or 3,000 litres and is suitable for filling and drinking water installations of up to 50 residential units. The date of the next filter replacement is shown in good time.

Irregular water draw-off can result in stagnation in the drinking water pipe and therefore hygiene problems due to the microbial contamination of the drinking water through dangerous bacteria. The Geberit sanitary flush replaces the drinking water in the pipes at regular intervals. It is available with a single or double water supply connection. The flush volumes and intervals can be set individually and also be modified at any time. Correct operation of the drinking water system is therefore always possible. The Geberit sanitary flush offers a sound solution for preventing hygiene problems in critical areas as they occur, for example, in hotels and guest houses, hospitals or retirement homes, schools, sports halls, barracks or holiday homes. Integration in the building service management system is possible via the digital interface or the RS485 interface. A vandal-resistant cover plate made of stainless steel permits fast access for maintenance work.

Hot water pipe and circulation line in one pipe: Instead of two pipes installed in parallel for the inlet and return flow of the hot water, the pipe-in-pipe hot water circulation system uses a pipe inside a pipe. You therefore make speedy progress when installing the drinking water system and supply your customers with a hygienic hot water solution that also saves valuable energy.