Push-in instead of pressing

Geberit PushFit

Economical system for floor connection
Geberit PushFit is a supply system that makes the installation of drinking water and heating pipes much easier and faster. Push-in instead of pressing – the new technology speeds up progress in sanitary installation projects and therefore makes work considerably more economical.

Fast and flexible
Geberit PushFit is characterised by quick, flexible and economical processing. Only one tool for deburring and calibrating for both pipe types and all dimensions and a comprehensive range of fittings: Geberit PushFit lets you master almost any situation easily and quickly.

Optimal hygiene
The push-fit ends of the fittings and pipes are protected with protective caps so that neither dust nor dirt negatively effect drinking water hygiene during storage, transport and on-site storage.

Adapters for safe system transitions
Adapters are available for the Geberit Mapress and Geberit Mepla systems with the corresponding pressing contour and in the dimensions 16, 20 and 25 mm for safe connection to the riser pipe.

10 good reasons for Geberit PushFit


Innovative push-fit indicator

"Green" for reliably sealed connections

The push-fit indicator ensures visible safety. Green signals in large inspection windows in the fitting indicate with a green signal colour that a Geberit PushFit pipe is reliably inserted into the Geberit PushFit fitting for permanent tightness.


Robust fitting body

Safety in rough building site environments

The robust fittings are key to the Geberit PushFit connection system. Their compact, reinforced design makes them ideally suited to rough building site conditions and protects them against damage.


Stainless steel clawing clamp ring

Reliably sealed connections

A clawing clamp ring with a high-quality stainless steel insert is integrated into the fitting. With its unique construction it ensures that the push-in connection has a high tensile strength. The extraction force is far above the requirements in normal operation and ensures a high level of safety.


Protective caps

Protection against dust and dirt

As a standard Geberit feature, all push-fit ends of the Geberit PushFit connection system are protected with caps against dust, dirt and damage. The fittings remain perfectly clean – from when they are delivered, during storage and until they are used on the building site.


Two seal rings

Doubly clean and leakproof

Geberit PushFit works with a safety concept which consists of two seal rings. The first O-ring not only works as a seal, but also acts as a wiper for cleaning contaminants from the pipe. The second O-ring provides additional sealing.


Fittings and adapters

Solutions for all construction situations

A wide range of fittings and adapters is available for fast, simple and economical installation of Geberit PushFit with which every connection situation can be solved. The proven Geberit fixed connections also facilitate the connection of the Geberit PushFit system to tap connections and installation elements.


System adapters

Best connections to Geberit Mepla and Geberit Mapress

Adapters with pressing contours for the Mepla and Mapress pressing systems are available for easily connecting Geberit PushFit to the riser pipe. Time-consuming hemp winding on screwing joints or adapters is not necessary. The Geberit warranty for the entire system means additional safety for the fitter.


Multilayer pipe with aluminium core

Light, inherently stable and bendable

The light multi-layer pipe has a thin, inherently stable aluminium core. All three dimensions can be easily processed and can be bent manually. The flexible, inherently stable pipe is ideal for floor manifold systems. Also available with a protective tube or as a pre-insulated version for sanitary and heating piping applications.


Proven materials

Robust, safe and versatile

Geberit PushFit provides optimum fittings suited to the respective application range and conditions: The robust push-fit fittings are made of the tried-and-tested plastic PVDF, threaded adapter fittings are available as both brass or gunmetal versions.


Calibration and deburring

One tool, three dimensions

You only need one tool for all three dimensions of Geberit PushFit. You debur and calibrate the pipe in only one step with the ergonomically designed Geberit PushFit tool that is equipped with durable, long-lasting blades. Deburring and calibration attachments are also available as options for cordless screwdrivers.

The robust fittings are key to the Geberit PushFit connection system.
The push-fit fittings with reinforcements on the edges are suitable for all building sites. All the push-fit ends are additionally protected with protective caps against dirt and dust during storage and when used at the building site.
Visible safety is ensured with the push-fit indicator which uses a green signal colour to show that a pipe has been safely fitted in the fitting and is permanently tight.

The light Geberit PushFit multilayer pipe has a thin but inherently stable aluminium core. All three dimensions (16, 20 and 25) can be easily processed and can be bent manually. The flexible, inherently stable pipe is very suitable for storey distribution. Also available with a protective tube or preinsulated for sanitary and heating piping.

Geberit PushFit connection system applications
Drinking water pipes for hot and cold water 0 °C to 70 °C, up to 10 bar
Untreated waters 0 °C to 40 °C
Treated waters
Heating and cooling 0°C to 85°C, up to 10 bar (with the ML system pipe)
Compressed air 0°C to 40°C, up to 10 bar