Tried-and-tested technology for clean urinals

Geberit Duofix for urinals

For visible and hidden controls
Geberit Duofix elements for urinal are available in two main designs and various heights for part-height and room-height installation walls. The standard version has a service opening and controls behind a visible cover plate. In another version for installing hidden controls, the cover plate is completely invisible.

Suitable for almost all common ceramic appliances
Geberit offers elements for urinals which are suitable for installation with nearly all common urinal ceramics. In addition, there are special elements for installing partially sunken urinal ceramics such as Keramag Joly, for syphonic urinals such as Laufen Tamaro, or for exposed flushing valves.

In continuous operation for many years
Geberit touchless and pneumatic urinal flushing technology has proved itself over many years in the high-frequency operation typical of public and semi-public areas.

Selected examples of Geberit Duofix
elements for urinal:

Geberit Duofix element for Universal urinals

Visible urinal flush control
Article number 111.616.00.1

Geberit Duofix element for urinal

Top-mounted, visible urinal flush control
Article number 111.617.00.1