Safe hygiene in continuous operation

Urinal systems for semi-public and public areas

safe operation, aesthetic, economical
Geberit has everything to ensure safe operation and make urinals aesthetic, economical and easy to maintain in semi-public and public areas. Touchless urinal flush controls automatically ensure a hygienically flushed ceramic appliance at all times. More safety against vandalism and greater freedom of design are offered by hidden urinal controls. Geberit urinal divisions combine a highly aesthetic appearance with ease of cleaning and low maintenance.

Touchless urinal flush controls for improved hygiene and functional safety
Touchless urinal flush controls improve hygiene for the user and ensure that the urinal is rinsed clean. The valve technology in Geberit urinal flush controls is protected by a two-level filter system against staining and therefore always operates safely. Electric consumption is minimised thanks to the energy-saving servo principle. The reliable distance detection discerns the user at a distance of 10 to 60 cm regardless of clothing and lighting. This allows small and therefore space-saving distances to adjoining urinals and walls.

Ready for 1-litre saving technology
Without imposing limitations on the flushing effect and hygiene, the 1-litre flushing technology can be implemented from the urinal flushing controls, the Geberit urinal trap or a system-tested urinal ceramic. Thanks to targeted and powerful flushing, it even generally costs less to operate than waterless urinals.

Simply adjust individually
Settings are made using the user-friendly Geberit Service Handy. The trap-filling function for the hidden urinal control prevents the trap from being suctioned empty thereby averting stubborn odour problems. The factory-set default interval flush of 24 hours can also be set to intervals of between 1 and 168 hours with a flush time of 3 to 180 seconds.

Flexible modular concept
A universal installation set for touchless and manual urinal flush controls makes installation particularly easy; the valve and mains adapter are pluggable without the use of tools. An attractive range of Geberit actuator plates suitable for Geberit WC flush controls is available for the wall termination.

Vandal-proof and aesthetic
Geberit hidden urinal controls are aesthetic and discreet as well as vandal resistant. The control sensor is inaccessible, concealed in the urinal trap. Based on changes in flow and temperature, it registers deviating water levels to reliably detect when the urinal is being used. Similarly, the technology reacts to low water levels to ensure a reliable water seal. In the event of a clog in the Geberit trap, the technology also responds to prevent the urinal from overflowing.

Simple installation and maintenance
The sensor can be installed and maintained quickly and easily; if the trap must be replaced, the sensor can continue to be used. Settings are made conveniently using the Geberit Service Handy. The hidden urinal control can be used with most standard urinal ceramics.

Attractive visual screen
Easy to clean, installs securely, aesthetic design: Geberit urinal divisions top off the WC equipment in public and semi-public areas. Geberit urinal divisions provide users with a bit of privacy in the WC. They are secure, durable, easy to care for, and meet high aesthetic demands.

Concealed attachment
The attachment of the partition walls is entirely hidden by a cover made of anodised aluminium. The track is securely held by a magnetic system, which can only be removed with a special technology. The hidden fastening looks better and is easier to keep clean than visible fastening systems.

Aesthetic shape and colour design
Geberit glass urinal divisions are available in an organic, oval shape as well as a sleek, geometrical rectangle made of toughened safety glass satinised on both sides in grey or green. Urinal divisions made of impact-proof plastic are available in a trapezium shape and in white alpine, manhattan and pergamon finishes.