Hygienic, convenient, simply safe

WC flush controls for semi-public and public areas

Simply attractive, triple convenience
Hygienic, clean and well flushed, public and semi-public WCs are always inviting to users. With safe, touchless WC flush controls with infrared actuation, you ensure three ways of reliably triggering a flush after every use: automatically when the user leaves the WC, moving a hand toward the sensor or by mechanical actuation if the power fails. Intervals flushing prevents stagnation in the drinking water pipe. In this way, the WC always remains hygienically fresh, even if it is not used for some time. The WC flush controls work with extra-low voltage and can be installed or retrofitted in a matter of minutes.

All fresh at the push of a button: radio-operated WC flush controls
For convenient flush actuation in barrier-free sanitary facilities, remote flush actuation by button or switch provides a suitable additional option to manual flushing using the actuator plate. At your discretion, flush actuation can be triggered by a switch on the pull-down rail or by a wall-mounted button using radio communication or a cable.