Strong and safe

Geberit industrial applications

Piping systems for many media and applications
Geberit piping systems have been used in industry for many years and are suitable for a wide range of applications and media. Be it in the automotive industry, in plant construction, in the chemical industry or in shipbuilding, with special fittings and pipes, piping systems from Geberit are well equipped for use in such environments.

Comprehensive range of services for industrial applications
Geberit systems are characterised by reliable function, simple planning and processing, and sustainable long-term economic efficiency. A comprehensive service range tops off the industrial applications. This includes training on site, hotlines, planning advice from the Competence Center and the reliable availability of Geberit products and systems.

Pressing technology: safe and economical
The cold connecting of piping systems thanks to the quick pressing technology is standard today for the installation of industrial applications. In addition to greater economic efficiency, doing without welding and soldering creates greater safety, in particular when working during ongoing operations and in hazardous areas.

Ruggedness personified
The insoluble and permanently sealed connections of the pressing technology give piping systems its strength, which can also resist high demands in industrial installations with a compression strength of up to 75 bar depending on the dimension.

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