Safe drainage, whatever occurs

Geberit waste water hydraulics

Waste and drainage systems for the highest requirements
Contemporary buildings have ever higher requirements, including for drainage systems. Particularly in skyscrapers and expansive public or commercial buildings, large quantities of water must be drained safely and reliably over long distances. To ensure safe drainage at all times, even at peak loads, Geberit develops hydraulically optimised, innovative products and solutions that meet the common requirements for safe discharge, fire protection and acoustic insulation as well as the efficient use of resources.

Geberit has developed the Geberit Sovent system specifically to meet the high demands placed on drainage systems in skyscrapers, Thanks to their flow-optimised shape, Geberit Sovent connecting fittings facilitate optimum configuration of discharge pipes. They increase the capacity of discharge pipes by a factor of up to 4 and at the same time make the installation of a separate ventilation pipe unnecessary, thereby contributing to guaranteed safe drainage even during peak loads and to achieving an economical installation.

In contrast to conventional installations, the Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system functions with a negative-pressure suction system. The roof outlets are designed to prevent air from entering. The pipes thus fill quickly and create negative pressure in the piping system through a closed water column. This allows double the amount of water to be discharged through a pipe with half the diameter. Geberit Pluvia roof outlets are linked together directly under the roof with a non-sloping collector pipe. In this manner, large roof areas can be drained through a single stack. This simplifies planning and reduces construction time.

In addition to its acoustic insulation properties, Geberit Silent-db20 also utilises flow-optimised branches. Because of their special shape, the so-called "swept entry" branches can handle a higher load than conventional fittings. Installation of these branches enables the discharge stack can conduct quantities of up to 60% more dirty water.