Building for future generations

He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably and creates quality of life – today and for the future. That is why Geberit has always devoted itself to overall sustainable products of the highest of standards, providing innovative system solutions for green building.

Thanks to an effective environmental management along the whole supply chain Geberit realizes remarkable results year after year with respect to sustainability: for example with the reduction of environmental impact or of CO2 emissions.

Green Building is an important market of the future. Geberit already has a range of products that are regarded as sustainable sanitary solutions and which contribute to increased quality of life with low energy and water consumption and with ecologically friendly materials. Noise insulation or simple product disposal are also part of responsible product design.

With LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Green Star and many more various building certificates world-wide stand for sustainable construction. They all rely on far more than saving energy: They guarantee resource efficiency, low life cycle costs, flexibility of use, living comfort, safety, reduced environmental impact and altogether a high construction quality.

Geberit offers a range of products which fulfill these criteria and support a successful certification. With unproblematic and environmental friendly materials, with the best acoustic properties for optimized living comfort, with product systems, which permit the highest flexibility and a provide a long spare part availability and minimized life cycle cost.

Innovation is a central element of the Geberit brand. Already during the development process our products are tested thoroughly and optimized with respect to environmental properties. For the challenges in the green building sector we already offer a broad range of adequate products, for example:

  • Drinking water systems Mepla and Pushfit, which are reliable and hygienic and at the same time feature full recyclability and a low embodied energy or CO2 footprint
  • Drainage systems Silent-db20 and Silent-PP with optimized acoustic insulation and simple mounting properties
  • Concealed cistern with dual-flush which makes full use of the water saving potential within a household and in combination with the odor extraction DuoFresh eliminates unpleasant smells while saving energy at the same time
  • Roof drainage system Pluvia, which drains flat roofs efficiently and best qualifies for rain water collection
  • Electronic lavatory taps Type 185/186, which save water and are now also available as self-sufficient solution

With the perfectly matched components of Geberit installation systems and complete solutions customized and profitable solutions for every construction task can be realized, be it a bathroom renovation or a new property construction. Statics, fire protection, sound and humidity insulation properties are tested and the whole installation can be fulfilled by one source. At the same time the highest flexibility is maintained which also permits potential conversions later on – saving resources and ensuring low life cycle costs at the same time. For a simple, quick and reliable planning Geberit offers the software ProPlanner on top.