Quality assurance for our most valuable foodstuff

Geberit drinking water hygiene

Solutions and products for perfect drinking water hygiene
Drinking water is our most valuable foodstuff. Geberit supply systems, Geberit products and Geberit calculation programmes ensure that it retains the same quality with which it arrives at the domestic water connection all the way to every point of use. When using these products, plumbers and sanitary engineers can be confident of always making the right choice and of being in compliance with relevant norms and rules.

Long periods of stagnation of drinking water in piping systems can result in contamination with dangerous bacteria. The Geberit hygiene pump regularly refreshes the drinking water in the piping system, thereby reducing stagnation times. The flush intervals and quantities are controlled electronically based on adjustable parameters and can, for instance, also be incorporated in the building service management system.

For decades, Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel has proved its value in drinking water installations for sensitive areas, such as the medical and food industries. Durable and reliably sanitary drinking water installations are manufactured from the stainless steel fittings and pipes using Geberit proven save pressing technology. Right up through installation on site, all Geberit Mapress products used in drinking water systems are secured with a plug against soiling.

Geberit ProPlanner software facilitates the planning and installation of standards-compliant, hygienic, correctly dimensioned drinking water installations. Faults which may result in sanitary problems in the course of operation can thereby be avoided right from the planning phase. The comprehensive, system-oriented design of the drinking water installation provides more security, avoids expensive modernisation measures and thereby makes the installation more economical.