Always easily accessible

Systems for barrier-free washbasins

Safe access to the washbasin
Geberit facilitates access to the washbasin and its safe use with electronic lavatory taps and concealed traps as well as with Geberit Duofix elements for washbasins for barrier-free sanitary installations.

Touchless for good hygiene: electronic lavatory taps
Geberit electronic lavatory taps for barrier-free bathrooms feature reliable, touchless operation, easy-to-clean surfaces and sophisticated design aesthetics. Thanks to dual infrared detection technology, they quickly detect the user and react immediately. Temperature limitation and the limitation of flow duration can be programmed with the Geberit Service Handy and ensure a high level of safety and economical water consumption. For increased drinking water hygiene, interval flushes can be preset.

Concealed traps: clean, powerful and nearly invisible
Geberit concealed traps for washbasins not only look good, they also facilitate access to the washbasin. The distracting trap is placed in the prewall installation, so that the washbasin can be easily accessed by wheelchair. The concealed traps are hydraulically optimised for efficient self-cleaning. They are accessible for repair work via a small, nearly invisible cover plate made of corrosion-resistant plastic, which is available in many different colours. To compensate for construction tolerances, the plate rotates freely. The trap's large vertical adjustment range of +/-3 cm allows adjustment to construction tolerances even when tiles have already been laid.