Why choose Geberit AquaClean?

Several factors in favour of Geberit AquaClean.

Water has always been of central importance for us as human beings. And we cannot do without the liquid element in our daily personal hygiene. In many cultures, cleaning with water after going to the toilet is natural, as it is the purest medium for personal hygiene. In fact it is surprising that we largely make do with paper.

Modern toilet with sophisticated technology
Geberit AquaClean is a WC that goes back to the source for freshness and cleanliness in the search for better hygiene: water. A jet of water, which can be regulated individually, cleans you gently and pleasantly. Geberit AquaClean thus offers an attractive alternative to the classic bidet. Using it is simple but effective.

Added value for health and well-being
Depending on the WC model, the shower experience can be enhanced by additional functions such as an oscillating shower arm, the ladies’ shower for natural intimate personal hygiene, a pulsating massage shower, warm-air dryer, remote control or memory function.

Quality in materials and comfort
Geberit AquaClean combines design, comfort and functionality for your bathroom. It is available as a WC enhancement solution or WC complete solution, depending on your preferences and living situation. The same standards of quality and comfort apply to all models – the differences lie in how they are fitted out, from simple to luxurious.

Design element, to suit any bathroom
Geberit sets high standards for aesthetics too. The WC enhancement solutions, which are easy to install, fit conventional toilets perfectly. And the elegance of a Geberit AquaClean WC complete solution convinces even the skilled eye of the designer.

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