Building for future generations

He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably and creates quality of life – today and for the future. That is why Geberit has always devoted itself to overall sustainable products of the highest of standards, providing innovative system solutions for green building.

Thanks to an effective environmental management along the whole supply chain Geberit realizes remarkable results year after year with respect to sustainability: for example with the reduction of environmental impact or of CO2 emissions.

Green Building is an important market of the future. Geberit already has a range of products that are regarded as sustainable sanitary solutions and which contribute to increased quality of life with low energy and water consumption and with ecologically friendly materials. Noise insulation or simple product disposal are also part of responsible product design.

Sustainable building also means to combine a superior design and high aesthetics with health, well-being and comfort.

Geberit products are distinguished by environmentally friendly materials without harmful substances featuring a maximum of drinking water hygiene and a minimal ecological footprint. Our supply and drainage pipes for example are fully recyclable and ensure highest living comfort thanks to ideal acoustical insulation properties. The sanitary module Monolith also combines superior design with resource saving and hence earned the water efficiency label WELL of the highest category A.

Geberit has been proving for decades that long-term business success is compatible with environmentally friendly and socially responsible action. Sustainable business management helps us to save costs and minimize risks. We aim to be a role model and set standards for customers, suppliers and other partners. This includes water-saving, sustainable products; safe, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient production; procurement and logistics with high environmental and ethical standards as well as good working conditions for our employees.

The results are impressive: on the one hand the relative environmental impact, CO2 emissions and water consumption could be reduced year by year; on the other hand Geberit products contribute significantly to the ever more important worldwide topic of water conservation.

Geberit has long been seeking answers to the question: „How do we save water“. For example, with the continuous reduction of flush volumes, with our efficient lavatory taps or our commitment to clean drinking water and the partnership with the Swiss aid organization Helvetas.

Five Geberit products already earned the water efficiency label WELL of the highest category A, which provides our customers with information about the product's water efficiency at a glance. The Label takes its direction from the well-known efficiency labels for electric household appliances and permits a responsible use of the resource of water.

With the entire dual-flush and flush-stop “fleet of cisterns” produced since 1998 about 12,000 million cubic meters of water have been saved in comparison with traditional flushing systems. In 2011 alone, the water saved amounted to 1,700 million cubic meters. This is more than half of the annual consumption of all German households.