Takes away any fear of heavy rainfall

Geberit roof drainage systems

Safe drainage of large roof areas
The drainage of large roof areas is becoming an ever more important task in modern residential, industrial, commercial and high-rise construction and is in many countries subject to national regulations and standards. Frequently occurring heavy rainfalls result in increasing requirements with respect to the planning and implementation of waste and drainage systems, in order that even large quantities of water can be drained off safely.

Economical system with very high discharge rate
With the Geberit Pluvia negative pressure roof outlet and the robust and versatile PE-HD discharge pipes, economical complete systems for rainwater drainage can be implemented with Geberit which safely drain off large quantities of water. They are hydraulically optimised in such a way that the discharge rate is practically double that of conventional systems with the same pipe dimension. Geberit emergency overflows provide additional safety for extreme weather conditions.

Simple planning with Geberit ProPlanner
The Geberit ProPlanner software is suitable for planning roof drainage systems. Geberit also offers the calculation as a service.

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