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Geberit the same floor drainage

Same floor drainage means that the drain pipes in the bathroom do not pass through the floor but rather enter on the same floor level into the stack. Depending on the piping design, either the main drain from the toilet does not penetrate the slab anymore or all drainage pipes (wash basin, shower, bathtub, floordrain) do not penetrate the slab anymore.

In Europe same floor drainage has become the modern standard of installation. Geberit has since the late 1950s developed increasingly sophisticated solutions and accessories for same floor drainage and is rightly considered to be the market leader in this field.

Compared with traditional cross floor drainage, the most radical change in drainage principle is to get rid of any slab penetration through rational distribution of pipes on the same floor. This prevents the troubles and hazards of transverse pipes that occupy the space between ceiling and false ceiling, including the unclear definition of property rights, noise interference, leakage risk, space limitations etc.

In China, the same floor drainage system has been increasingly recognized and recommended by Plumbing Engineers and various industrial experts and successfully used in a multitude of construction projects. Thus same floor drainage is gradually becoming a new trend of drainage for buildings in China.

Geberit's same floor drainage solution
There are fundamentally two possibilities for installation of a same floor drainage. One requires the building of a prewall. All branch pipes to be connected with the stack are inside the prewall until they reach the main shaft. The advantage here is that there is no need to change anything about the existing floor structure. Furthermore if the prewall is designed as an integral part of the bathroom, there is no space loss, rather there can be space gains, as the prewall can be used for shelf space. As in the Geberit system the water tank of the toilet is moved into the prewall, significant space is gained. This installation can be applied to any residential building, as no change in slab construction is required and existing slab penetrations can be blocked.

As there is no need anymore for a false ceiling and no slab penetration necessary, bathroom layout can be significantly improved

The advantage of Geberit's the same floor drainage system:

  • Flexible layout
  • Space saving
  • Simple cleaning
  • Reliable system security
  • Leakage prevention
  • Noise reduction

Additional information:

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