Further innovations

Geberit Sigma01 actuator plate

The more successful a product, the more carefully it has to be tended to. With this in mind, the Geberit Samba actuator plate has been gently modernised. A new actuator plate has been launched on the market under the name Geberit Sigma01 as the next generation model. It completely replaces the Samba.
Just as with its predecessor, the Geberit Sigma01 actuator plate is offered in many colour options. Thirteen different options are available just for the activation of WC dual flush. The product range also includes three different models for urinal flush controls. The new Sigma01 actuator plates are priced the same as the previous Samba models.
The Geberit Sigma01 fits the Sigma concealed cisterns 12 cm (UP320), 8 cm (UP720) and 7.5 cm (UP750), as do all the actuator plates of the Sigma series. In addition, they can be attached to the mounting frame for the Geberit insert for in-cistern blocks.

Geberit actuator plates

New roof outlet for gutters

No more soldering or welding.
The Geberit Pluvia roof drainage system has been a success on many continents. For Geberit, that is more than enough reason to continually add new or improved products to the system. The most recent example of this system update is the Geberit Pluvia roof outlet with flange for gutters.
Previously, a leak-proof and long-lasting connection between the metal gutter and the roof outlet could only be ensured by welding or soldering. Geberit now offers a flange gasket for the Pluvia roof outlet for gutters, making this technically demanding connection work no longer necessary.
The seal is made of a special elastomer that does not require any plasticizers for elasticity and is resistant to ion exchange with metals, making the gasket especially durable.

Geberit Pluvia

Even more durable press connections

Improved seal ring for Geberit Mapress
The Geberit Mapress system pipes are connected to each other in a secure and leak-proof way using pressfittings. The connection is made with pressfittings fitted with seal rings that are pushed over the pipe ends and then pressed with a special tool.
During this pressing sequence, the fitting and the system pipe are identically deformed, thus giving mechanical stability to the connection. The seal ring, which is inserted in the flange-shaped end of the pressfitting, is also slightly deformed, making the connection tight over time.
Until now, the Geberit Mapress system included four different application-specific seal rings. In the factory, the pressfittings were always fitted with black seal rings for "drinking water, heating, cooling" applications. For other applications, the seal rings in the fittings had to be changed before mounting. Geberit now offers a uniform, blue-coated seal ring made of a specially developed fluoroelastomer suitable for solar system, mineral oil, heating oil, and oil-bearing air applications as well as other industrial uses. This modern product material is characterized by a very high chemical and temperature resistance from -20 °C to +220 °C and offers even greater safety than the previously used rings.

Geberit Mapress

Light, handy and reliable

The Geberit ACO 102 pressing tool
Geberit supply pipes also require professional tools. The renowned reliability and high operating comfort of the Geberit pressing tools in the ACO and ECO series represent an important contribution to the success of the Geberit Mepla and Geberit Mapress pipe systems.
With the new, battery-operated ACO 102 pressing tool, Geberit now offers plumbers an especially handy and versatile device. Thanks to a weight of only 1.7 kg and a pressing head that can be swivelled up to 180 degrees, work with this pressing tool is not a problem when space is tight and the pipes are difficult to reach. This device can be used to reliably press Geberit Mapress pipes with diameters of 12 to 28 mm and Geberit Mepla pipes with diameters of 16 to 40 mm.
The ACO 102 pressing tool is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery of the newest generation. An electronic monitor verifies that each pressing sequence is completed before the pressing jaw can be reopened.

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