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Geberit urinal flush controls

In public and semi-public areas, safe and reliable operation of urinal systems is particularly important. All urinal flush controls from Geberit are therefore designed for a high degree of functional reliability.

Integrated urinal flush control

In the integrated urinal flush control, the control unit is located in a docking station below the ceramic appliance. Correct and rapid maintenance can be performed on it according to the conventional "plug-and-play" principle and it is hardly visible.

  • Easy access to the control unit without having to remove the ceramic appliance
  • Contains the control, power supply and solenoid valve in one compact unit
  • Power supply according to preference: mains, battery operation or self-sustaining with the integrated generator
  • Docking station with automatic water stop function

Concealed urinal control

The proven concealed urinal control offers sophisticated operational safety.

  • Touchless with IR technology
  • Manual operation as per the pneumatic principle
  • Large selection of different actuator plates
  • Available in a design matched to the WC actuator plates

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