Objective improvement

Good design is the essence of many considerations and convincing reasons. This is why a well-designed product is first convincing to one's understanding. The Geberit Monolith sanitary modules are an outstanding example of this: With their unique expression of form, they communicate not only a high degree of usefulness, but also the finest of technology.

Design studies on "cistern of the future"

Good design creates trust. It is for this reason that Geberit puts particularly high demands on the design of the interfaces between sanitary technology and user: actuator plates, taps, shower drains and similar items. These are often the sole visible indications of the top products from Geberit that are installed in the bathroom. It is thus important that they let their classiness be seen without putting on airs.

Good design objectively improves a product. Sanitation professionals have long known this from their own experience, because the products from Geberit do not only look good and well-thought-out – that is also how they really are. Thus, a view of the Geberit sanitary technology behind the prewall of a bathroom makes an exceptionally tidy, self-assured impression. No compromise to the detriment of quality, functionality or sustainability is to be found. Which is precisely how one imagines high-tech in the sanitary industry to be.