Water isour element.


Sustainable products for sustainable construction

Outstanding products combine reliability, design and sustainability. This is how Geberit continuously sets new standards with its thorough Eco-design. The approach minimizes water and energy consumption and environmental impact as a whole across the entire product life cycle – and provides the foundation for sustainable construction.


Responsibility worldwide

Sustainability starts in how we think – and at the same time is a promise to society. Geberit takes an all-encompassing approach to this responsibility. Through attractive working conditions in addition to varied and international development opportunities for its employees. And through development projects and global commitment to the human right of clean drinking water.


Prudent environmental management

Environmental friendliness, resource efficiency and innovative thinking are the key to sustainable production. To that end, Geberit has always continually refined its production methods and has been resolute in reducing environmental impact through prudent environmental management, an ambitious CO2 strategy and strict targets.


The highest of standards in every area

Sustainable operations demand the highest in ethical and environmental protection standards. It is for that reason that Geberit also asks its suppliers to adhere to a comprehensive Code of Conduct, based on the same standards that Geberit applies to itself: in environmental protection, with socially responsible working conditions and for fair business practices.