Trend-setting CO2 strategy

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions are key factors for the climate. That is why Geberit is using a trend-setting CO2 strategy to devote all its efforts towards minimizing emissions and increasing the proportion of renewable energies. The latest technologies have produced results – and success: -15% alone in the period from 2006 to 2009. The next goal is a reduction of 15% by 2012.Read more

Comprehensive employer responsibility

A responsible employer takes care of his employees. That is why Geberit protects its employees against unnecessary risks at the workplace and takes care of their health, for example through comprehensive hazardous materials management or continuously improved work safety standards. Read more

Energy-efficient production

In the 1950s, Geberit was instrumental in the development of the first injection molding machine. Some 60 years later, the Geberit production plants are now home to state-of-the-art, energy-efficient machines that produce Geberit products such as actuator plates and cisterns – and this using 50 to 60 percent less energy.Read more

Interview: Producing in China

Christian Steiger is Head of Operations Asia Pacific at Geberit Plumbing Technology Shanghai in China. He is responsible for production and logistics at two plants. Production in China is mainly for the Asia-Pacific market. Read more