Touchstone eco-design

Only that which fulfills strict sustainability criteria deserves to be produced, marketed and installed. That is why Geberit applies the eco-design testing criterion to all products in development to align them with the principles of sustainability, a standard practice and for the entire product life cycle. Read more

An intelligent micro power plant

Up until recently, touchless Geberit lavatory faucets were conventionally supplied with electricity via mains power or battery. A new generator unit now ensures that faucets can also be supplied with electricity in a sustainable way and function self-sufficiently. Read more

Building for future generations

He who builds responsibly, builds sustainably and creates quality of life. That is why Geberit has always devoted itself to overall sustainable products of the highest of standards, providing innovative system solutions for green construction. Read more

WELL – a label measures the water efficiency

A great deal of water can be saved in both private and public facilities with modern sanitary technology. However, it is difficult to determine how economical a given product really is at first glance. The WELL label was developed as a solution to this problem. Read more