Purchasing & Logistics

Forward-looking Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Sustainable products consist of sustainably manufactured individual parts. That is why Geberit introduced a Code of Conduct for suppliers at the end of 2007. The Code is based on such initiatives as the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and obligates suppliers to uphold high standards for environmental protection, socially responsible working conditions and fair business practices. Read more

Centralized logistics

Intelligent logistics increases efficiency and reduces environmental impact. That is why Geberit uses the Pfullendorf (DE) location to ship out deliveries within Europe since spring, 2010. The site is centrally situated both through its location in the heart of Europe and optimal distances to the other production sites. Read more

Transparency for systematic CO2 reduction

Besides reliability and profitability, environmental impact is also one of the key criteria for logistics at Geberit. That is why Geberit is using the comprehensive life cycle assessment process in this area. This creates transparency for the systematic reduction of CO2 emissions, for deciding on working with selected companies and for using rail transportation wherever possible. Read more

Interview: Logistics partners of Geberit

Christian Bücheler is Managing Director and Partner of Transco Süd Internationale Transporte GmbH in Constance (DE). Transco is an important logistics partner to Geberit. Read more