"I see concrete Results in Production."

Manya DeBoer, Manufacturing Manager

The Chicago Faucet Company, Michigan City, Indiana, USA

I started my career in California as an assembly worker and worked my way up in various functions in production, controlling and purchasing before becoming Head of Operations.

In 2009, I was hired by Chicago Faucets to introduce more efficient procedures and to set up a management team for production. In my present function as Head of Operations, my working day revolves around reading reports, ensuring that production effectively functions and compliance with quality guidelines. The rest of the time is spent in project work where the primary emphasis is on optimizing the productivity of various workflows and introducing lean production processes. It is a responsibility that is important for the continued success of our company.

At Geberit, I can structure my working day in a variety of ways: I teach, educate and focus on the further development of employees and processes. That is why I value the work I do here.