"Every Day I face new Challenges and Tasks that have to be solved."

Domen Gornik, assembly technician & graduate mechanical engineer candidate

Geberit - Sanitarna tehnika d.o.o., Ruse, Slovenia

After finishing my training as a milling machinist in 1990, I began working at the company Gorenje Metalplast which was acquired by Geberit not long afterwards.

At the end of the 1990s, I started a training course to become a mechanical technician while working at Geberit. In 2006 serious health problems set in and I have been partially handicapped ever since. As there was no suitable position for me at Geberit at that time, I was able to make an arrangement to further my education and make a graduate engineering degree with state financial support. Geberit committed to offer me a job position after the completion of my studies and gave me an internship in the meantime. As soon as a suitable job position became vacant, Geberit fulfilled its commitment and gave me a permanent work contract. I will have finished my studies by the end of 2011.

I currently work as full-time technician in the assembly. This is a position that is well suited to my current medical situation. I am very happy that Geberit has guaranteed me a job.