"TEAM PLAY is always capitalized at Geberit."

Christian Lehmann, Technical Sales Consultant

Geberit Vertriebs GmbH, Pfullendorf, Germany

In 2010, I left a building management company to join Geberit as a Technical Sales Consultant because I had always been impressed by the quality of the company and because I could identify with the products.

After commercial college and an accelerated apprenticeship in gas and water plumbing, I first opened at a small trade business (through which I also earned my master trade diploma). Thereafter I worked for several years in customer service and finally as project manager and administrator in a larger company. Even during those years, I was a long-time loyal Geberit customer and was familiar with the products.

Marketing and sales are in my blood, so to speak, and sales has always been a lot of fun for me. As Sales Consultant for the Sauerland/Siegerland Region, I am responsible for developing contacts with craftsmen and plumbers, consulting them, pitching sales and developing and clarifying their needs. It's true that I am on my own when doing my job. But I still receive a lot of support from my team in the office and field services in all daily matters and questions. In this way, too, Geberit is unique, with everyone pulling together. I can use my own personal qualities and strengths to develop and am both supported and encouraged.