"Whenever I had Questions about my Career, I got Support and Advice."

Menno Portengen, Managing Director

Geberit B.V., The Netherlands

When I was a student, I worked for my father in a car tire workshop and as a sales rep for a small polyester company. Back then, I didn't know about Geberit. After finishing my studies, it took me several months to figure out what I wanted to do professionally. It was during this stage in 1990 that I received an offer from Geberit to complete an internship.

Thanks to my background, I was familiar with the tire manufacturer Michelin, a large international group with many career opportunities. Geberit seemed to be on the same level to me. That was the impetus for me to decide on the company. A short time after I began work at Geberit, I became a field service employee and was later promoted to Technical Consultant. I became a member of the Management Board in 1998 and three years later was named Managing Director for the Netherlands.

What I love about my work more than anything else are the very demanding and responsible roles that our Company offers us. My position has an ideal mix of management tasks, customer and international contacts. The outstanding corporate culture really supports me, and I can assemble strong teams to successfully implement my projects.