Sales is an important pillar at Geberit as this is the Group area that generates turnover.

Our employees are active in around 40 countries for our division, which is particularly noteworthy for its wide variety of nationalities and cultures. We must also accommodate the broad differences across markets in terms of installation methods, product ranges and market structures. Marketing must take such issues into account and find the right structure for each country. Our customers are wholesalers, craftsmen, sanitary engineers, architects, private and business end consumers and OEM customers. Included among our areas of responsibility are the classic fields of sales, in particular customer consultation and support, marketing and closing a sale. Besides making the most of customer-specific sales opportunities, our central tasks also include the positioning of new products and systems.

It is essential for our success that our employees remain close to the pulse of what is going on and that they work in their fields of expertise together with customers on a "face to face" basis. As the market leader, we have high expectations of our employees. In addition to thorough professional competence, we especially expect our Sales employees to have strong communications skills, sales talent, high motivation and great commitment.