The Production is responsible for the manufacturing of the entire product range, thus providing a significant part of the Company's added value. Among our central responsibilities are the continuous new development and further development of the various production technologies and ensuring that products are made with the right quality at the right cost and at the right time.

Around 3,100 employees are active at our 16 production sites around the world. While each of our plants uses the same basic processes in terms of HR, logistics and other areas, they are still specialized in a certain area of production technology and the product range. Our employees have a variety of backgrounds and cover the entirety of the technical disciplines at all levels, from specialist worker to engineer, in addition to various commercial occupations. Because we constantly work with technology initiatives and infrastructure projects in order to improve processes, quality and costs, we also provide our employees with relevant further training. In addition to a thorough education, it is for us of primary importance that our employees become an integral part of our teams, that they are innovative and are ready to be involved in continuously changing production processes.