The Marketing department act as the developer of global marketing strategies. As the interface between Products and Sales, we use a variety of measures to ensure a strong, consistent brand presence and a global brand communication that is visually interesting and attractive in its message. This means the tasks in our department are diverse and include Marketing Management, Global Pricing, Marketing and Product Communication, Internal Training and maintenance of our product data.

Thanks to our global reach, we have a good understanding of the markets and play a major role in the international positioning of the Company. Our employees profit from working internationally, giving them the opportunity to expand their know-how. In addition to project work and ongoing marketing campaigns, we also work on ways to increase efficiency in our global communications. Employees in our department usually have a university degree in marketing, business administration and engineering sciences or a business education. However, decisive for us is that our employees are strong team players and that they see themselves as bridge-builders who can communicate constructively with international markets.