Human Resources

The department of Human Resources is responsible for the worldwide recruiting of employees and managers. Our task is to recruit the right employees and to encourage their long-term loyalty to the Company. Through consistent promotion of the Geberit leadership culture, we ensure that the Company further develops itself in a forward-looking manner.

We see ourselves as sparring partners for the management level and get involved in all topics that affect employees. It is important to us to proactively support change processes and establish lean, standardized processes. The areas of responsibility for Human Resources include recruitment, training and development. We are just as committed to fair performance evaluations of individual employees and entire teams as we are to compensation and benefits and to the promotion of the corporate culture. With around 60 employees worldwide, our area has a presence at all larger company units. As part of the Management Team, we are involved in all important structural and personnel decisions.

The variety of the work we do and its international context means that we must recruit our employees from a wide spectrum of professional and cultural backgrounds. They may come equipped with business management qualifications or experience in working in a line function. In addition to fundamental business management expertise, it is also important that our team members be enthusiastic for our work, possess good people skills, the capacity to be curious and communicative and are able to ask the right questions, even if they are sometimes awkward. On the one hand, our successful employees can think in terms of systems, processes and concepts, while on the other hand they are also equally able to appreciate pragmatic working methods.